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Welcome to the Busy Bee Class!
(18 months - 36 months)
Toddler Program
     Our toddler program is based on New York State Day Care Regulations, The Creative Curriculum and our own Philosophy of Education (which can be found under the preschool class link).  In the Busy Bee Class, the main goals for children are social, language, and motor development skills.
      We know toddlers are explorers and they learn best through play and socialization. They are becoming more independent and sometimes their wants and needs bear no interference from others. Therefore, sharing, waiting for a turn and other cooperative skills are learned and encouraged at Pave The Way.
     Language development is crucial for toddlers as it helps them express feelings and needs related to other areas of development. The teachers in the room are willing to listen, talk to the children and patiently answer the many questions that are asked of them throughout the day.
     Motor development is ongoing within the toddler program. Children are provided with appropriate opportunities to further develop large and small motor skills. Music and movement are done throughout the day in addition to outside time where the children can just be Busy Bees!
Toddler Schedule
Arrival/Free Choice
Breakfast Snack/Hand Washing/Diaper Changes
Books and Puzzles
Circle Time/ Dance and Movement
9:30am- 10:00am
Centers and Small Group Activities
Outside Play
Morning Snack/ Teacher-Directed Activities
Lunch/Hand washing/
Diaper Changes
Reading Books/ Preparing
for Quiet Time
Quiet Time
*As kids wake up, they can enjoy quiet activities*
Afternoon Snack/Hand Washing/Diaper changes
Free Choice and Prepare for Pick-up
Small Group Activities/ Outside Play
**This is a typical day in the toddler room; however we will adjust the schedule to meet a child's needs at any point throughout the day. And, although there are scheduled times for hand washing and diaper changes, they will both take place as needed throughout the day as described in NYS OCFS Regulations.**
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